At TRI-VEN, we pride ourselves on bringing the best quality to any product we manufacture. Years of time spent in the rotomolding industry has molded our knowledge and expertise into the thriving company that we are today.


Our Process

The Molds (1)

The resin we use goes into the mold in the shape of the product we are making and then makes its way into the roto-machine. 

The Roto Process (2)

Now that the resin is in the mold, it is heating to a liquid form, while at the same time spinning on a five-axis arm, allowing the entire mold cavity to have consistent plastic wall thickness.  

The Finishing

Touches (3)

Once the product is molded and removed from the machine and mold, it is allowed to cool, then trimmed and assembled before going through a full quality check.

The Shipping (4)

Once the product has passed the full quality check it gets packaged securely and gets ready to be sent out right to you. 

Our Quality Guarantee

We take the quality of our products and the expectations of our customers and team members seriously. We take great care in always delivering 100% quality in everything we do. TRI-VEN is built on hard work and commitment, and we reflect that in our entire team and process. From your first phone call or email to your first purchase or job here, we make sure that we deliver the best experience possible. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Feel free to reach out to us.